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Laser eyeglass removal surgery

Infomed system – February 1

Laser eyeglass removal surgery is now considered one of the most advanced solutions for the correction of myopia, allowing those who wear glasses or contact lenses to achieve sharp vision without any external aids.

וצים להסיר משקפיים אבל אינכם מתאימים לניתוח לייזר? הכירו את הפתרונות

Want to remove glasses but not suitable for laser surgery? Get to know the solutions

Dr. Orwa Nasser, zap doctors 06/02/2022

On the one hand, you are tired of glasses. On the other hand, you have found that you are not suitable for laser surgery. What to do? An expert in eye diseases and eyeglass removal explains the options that will achieve for you results similar to those of laser surgery, along with faster recovery

קרטוקונוס (הקרנית החרוטית): סימני האזהרה והטיפולים

Keratoconus (conical cornea): warning signs and treatments

By: Dr. Orwa Naser, Publication Date: 06/04/2021

Keratoconus is a common eye disease in the country relative to the rest of the world, and due to its tendency to appear in adolescence and the risk involved in losing vision, it is important to diagnose and treat it as soon as possible. What signs will raise suspicion and what is the treatment for each of the stages of the disease? The answers in the article



Chen Dangor
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Highly recommend! I received excellent and high level service. Dr. Nasser is charming, patient, warm, kind and humane. Explains in a good and clear way and gives a sense of security. I had surgery to remove glasses and already in the evening I saw 6/6. Painless and easy and quick recovery. You have come to the right place🙌🏼
Umayyah Sepia
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Tell me it hurts terribly, tell me I'll be in bed for a few good days, tell me buy you sleeping pills from now on !!! It was all stories 🙈In front of one sentence ... a simple sentence ... Omima trust me 🙏🏼It was Dr. Orwa 🌹Just surgery without stories🌹 Many thanks from the bottom of my heart 🙏🏼 for the attitude for the support for the care and concern I received from Dr. Orwa and all the wonderful clinic staff are just angels 🙏🏼 Straighten up 💐💐💐
Amal Shelby, Nazareth
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After 35 years of wearing glasses with the number ~ 5.5 in each eye, I came to fulfill a dream and undergo InterLasik surgery with Dr. Rurua Nasser. Every time I open my eyes in the morning I am amazed anew, I am used to waking up in the morning, and seeing only with the help of my glasses. Now I wake up in the morning, open my eyes and realize that I see the world so clearly, and everything without glasses, and every time it's amazing again. Dr. Nasser beyond being a professional, during the entire process - he didactic and instills unprecedented confidence in the patient. During the operation he did everything possible to infuse a good and relaxed atmosphere and turned the whole process and fears into a dream come true! After less than 24 hours I came out with a 6: 6 vision test! For a long time I dreamed of undergoing this surgery. Looking back I am glad it was done at exactly this time, because otherwise I might have met another surgeon and this whole experience was completely different. Dr. Nasser is completely my safe recommendation! Thank you ! Amal Morris Shelby
L.H., Tamra
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Excellent service, patient, attentive, warm attitude. Professional doctor at levels.
Susie Shama, Nazareth
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There is nothing like Dr. Nasser, an amazing treatment service, my decision was after a lot of consultations and consultations with other specialists, and after an operation my son underwent at another doctor and the result was not successful, to this day he suffers. I wish we knew Dr. Nasser earlier
Srur Srur, Ilabun
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I received excellent professional service and excellent personal treatment. We had a great experience at Dr. Nasser's clinic. I wish we knew Dr. Arua earlier
MASH, Fareedis
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Goni Ahmad, Haifa
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Professional service at a wonderful level and very good
Rana Grace, Carmiel
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Hi I highly recommend Dr. Nasser I came to the clinic for a consultation he recommended me for laser surgery which made me see 6/6 after one day of surgery without pain. No suffering. Thanks highly recommend🙏👍
GP, Tarshiha
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One of the best doctors in the country
Sima Mahagna, Umm al-Fahm
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Dr. Nasser is an excellent, reliable and nice expert in the field of the poor and is recommended
Yuval Menashe, Mitzpe Adi
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I arrived with my little daughter (three years old) and we received full dedicated and patient care considering both the girl and the mother. Thank you very much
S.Y., Carmiel
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Patient and humane service (for my little son)
Sagit Etadegi, Kiryat Shmona
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The doctor gave me a feeling of home and family the test was professional and the staff helped and was professional and amazing
Margarita Rozbeev, Haifa
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Dr. Nasser is a professional with golden hands and highly recommends him
Hilani Khoury, Nazareth
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All thanks and appreciation to Dr. Nasser for the wonderful professional conduct and the humane and moral attitude !! One of the most wonderful doctors I have met and the way he explained and his patience give you a sense of comfort .. I underwent laser surgery with the most advanced method (intralasik) without pain and fast healing within a day ... And not to forget the two wonderful and beautiful girls who work for him, the optimist Nirmin and Roba, who answered every question, thank you very much 👍
Itai Dabush, Bireya
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Very professional and generous service, glad I made the right choice.
Ruthi Meir, Haifa
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Professional, attentive, pleasant attitude. I felt really in good and caring hands. Highly recommend
Eiren Said, Yanuh
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Excellent service with a doctor and an amazing person and a light surgery cannon but with great significance Highly recommend the surgery and the doctor and to anyone who has not yet decided whether to do surgery or not then do because it makes you whole life
Dr Git Darawshe, Ixal
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I received very professional treatment - on the day of the operation in the evening I had already seen without glasses in a good way - pain the next day I did not feel anything The attitude of Dr. Orwa Nasser and the staff is simply very excellent Thank you very much and highly recommend their care
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